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Games U offers a large, diverse, welcoming gaming community

We are here for you and we are always listening. We hope this site will grow to become a valuable resource for all gamers regardless of their level of experience.

The Owner’s Journey in His Words

“My name is Jeff Caples, and Games U is my shop. I am a husband and father, a former teacher, and a former soldier. My first real job was at a similar albeit much smaller game store when I was still in High School.

Games U represents the culmination of 20 or so years of dreaming, 2 years of planning, and a lot of hard work. I am very proud of this place, and more than that of the community that my team and I have built.”

Jeff Caples

Spacious Interiors for All Your Needs

We have a very large interior space and have ample room available for in-store gaming and events, which are the cornerstones of our gaming community.

Our Values

We value diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to provide a place where you can come as you are, and where you can gather with others to celebrate your mutual love of tabletop games.

Games U

Support a Small Business

We are a small business with a small staff. Unlike most online retailers, your decision to shop with us directly contributes to our ability to provide space and resources to support and grow the gaming community.

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