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Veteran of the hobby, new to table top gaming or somewhere in between, we are here for you

This is where you will find a growing collection of guides, videos, play throughs, reviews and all manner of information to help you enjoy your hobby more fully.

Who We Are

Games U is a friendly local game store located in an expansive 4000 square foot facility with a large and diverse retail section and ample space for in-store gaming.

We have enjoyed 4 years of building and supporting the East Valley and Phoenix Metro area gaming communities and hope this site will allow us to be of service to communities nationwide.

Games U
Games U
Games U

What We Offer

One of the largest game stores in Arizona, we strive to have something for everyone regardless of their particular interests. We also maintain an inclusive and safe environment for all members of our community to come together and enjoy gaming in a clean and comfortable space.

Why Choose Us

We are all about community building at our game store. We are a veteran-owned small business with friendly and knowledgeable staff.